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through Peer Advisory Groups, Executive Coaching and Behavioral Assessments, Development of New and Future Leaders, and Pop-Up Sessions

A private nonprofit organization that provides leadership development and training opportunities to leaders of qualifying tax-exempt organizations in Cook and Lake Counties of Illinois.

Our no-to-low-cost services focus on "the people side of leadership" through:

  • Peer Advisory Groups

  • Executive Coaching and Behavioral Assessments

  • Behavioral Assessments and Workshops for the Leadership Team

  • The Leadership Academy for New and Future Leaders

  • New Leader Integration

  • Pop-Up Sessions - Community Brainstorming with YOU in Mind


The image of a rope found throughout our website is a metaphor for this work. Each strand alone has strength. Weave these strands together and form something more powerful. It symbolizes each one of us building our own strengths. It also illustrates the community as a whole weaving together the talent and resources of its many leaders.

​Our vision is Strong Leaders. Collaborative Organizations. Healthy Communities., tomorrow and beyond



We believe more can be accomplished by working together, therefore; we offer a variety of Peer Advisory Groups at no charge for leaders of all levels. 



Assessments provide insight into workplace behaviors/leadership competencies. Coaching gives confidential support and accountability to take action for growth. A recipe for success!

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A multi-year program for new and up-and-coming leaders with a focus on developing attributes in the people side of leadership.


We offer a program to help speed up the onboarding process for executive leaders who are new to their role and/or to the organization.

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Community Brainstorming

with YOU in Mind

Requests made by YOU provide us with the opportunity to help you respond with agility and speed to trending topics, leadership challenges and changing circumstances facing leaders today where collective brainstorming and input from all can help more organizations forward.


Based on survey results, Charmm'd partners reported the following notable results:


Of partners gained a better sense of self by taking one or more of the following actions below:

  • standing stronger in their truths and acting from that place

  • understanding their strengths and areas for growth

  • understanding the impact of their actions

  • being more self-reflective


Of partners have strengthened their leadership by taking one or more of the actions below:

  • having a better understanding of the impact of their actions

  • accepting feedback from others

  • taking action in new ways to make a difference within their organization

  • sharing feedback, ideas and experience to help strengthen other leaders

  • becoming better listeners and communicators

  • being more accountable for their actions

  • gaining a clearer vision of the next steps and the “big picture”


Of partners are making a difference by taking one or more of the following actions below:

  • gaining a clearer vision of the next steps and the “big picture”

  • intentionally building a positive culture where all are accountable

  • taking action in new ways

  • contributing in positive ways to their team and the community where they work

How can we help you?

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The Charmm’d Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3, non-sectarian organization who welcomes diversity of thoughts, backgrounds and experiences in leaders who qualify for our services.