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Our 2024 Leadership Academy Open Enrollment season is in full swing. This will be our last Academy as we close the doors at the end of 2024; something we planned on doing 20 years ago when we began. If you know us and our way of working, we continually work to better ourselves and our offerings from the year before. This coming year is no exception as we have diligently worked to bring you exciting new workshops, more top-quality mentors, and we have even worked to make our most popular learnings even better.


The Leadership Academy is for those who are new to leadership, are being considered for a leadership role within the next couple of years and/or are looking for fundamental training on the people side of leadership. We would love to have you and/or members of your team be part of this growth journey. Interested?  


In February, a new class will begin, and we are currently accepting applications. 


There are two ways to learn more:

  • Leaders can register for a Leadership Academy Exploratory Session. This is an opportunity for Candidates / Managers to gain a greater understanding of what’s included in the 2024 program. To register for an exploratory session, click here.

  • Susan Gibson is our Program Director and champion of The Leadership Academy. I know she would welcome the opportunity to talk with you. To learn more about the program itself, the nonprofit pricing, and to see if this is right for you and/or members of your team, I encourage you to click here to set up a time to talk with her.


In the Leadership Academy, participants will learn new skills and gain confidence to become the type of leaders our world needs. They interact with others in the program on a regular basis creating a network they can tap into for a long time to come. Participants can expect to see professional growth and skill development in the people side of leadership, especially when it comes to effective communication, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have you or members of your team be a part of this last Academy. We do all we can to help individuals succeed by giving them the chance to build relationships and learn alongside experts, mentors, and fellow peers. That is our agenda.

P.S.  If you would like to hear from this year’s participants, email me. We will be happy to connect you with others.

P.S.S. If you know of others outside your organization and in your network who can benefit, please help us spread the word by sharing this information.   



Sheri Miller, CPCC, CPQC 
TTI Certified in DISC, DF & EQ

Founder and Executive Director

The Charmm'd Foundation

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