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Knotted Rope

Charmm’d Resources and Community Directory


It's always been important to us that our vision of Strong Leaders. Collaborative Organizations. Healthy Communities. lives through Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond. We hope this vision will live on through your leadership.

We are passing the baton to you in the form of this Directory to serve as a resource, a lifeline beyond Charmm'd. May you always remember you are not alone. TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER!

Not a part of the Directory? Why not?

What's stopping you from joining?

You can join at no cost.

Are you currently working with us? You're eligible!


That's it?

YES! It's that easy.

Contact Wiley Susan Wilder, our Business Administrator,

and join The Community Directory now.


If you're not a part of one of our services and would like to be, contact Susan Gibson, our Program Director. 

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