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In 2005...              began


when the realization dawned upon its founder that she was personally lacking certain skills, hindering her from living the best life she could. Upon being introduced to the emerging field of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), she realized what had to be improved. Sensing that others might also be struggling in this area of self-improvement, she envisioned enriching individual lives and fostering a more fulfilling environment for those around them, ultimately leading to greater success in both personal and professional realms. Her hunch paid off as EQ has now emerged as a crucial competency essential for thriving in both personal and professional spheres.

With a steadfast commitment to adult development, Charmm’d embarked on its mission to offer specialized services tailored to empower leaders of tax-exempt organizations. From Peer Advisory Groups to A Leaders Academy to Personal Assessments, Custom Facilitation, Team workshops and Coaching, the dedicated Charmm’d Team worked hard to provide the highest quality programs and services. As their impact expanded, community leaders eagerly stepped forward; raising their hands to assist and the mighty team of 4 grew exponentially.

From the beginning, the foundation knew they would be closing their doors in 2024 and planned accordingly. Today, the organization’s legacy endures through the resources shown here and through all the people who have walked alongside the Charmm’d team and now are sharing their learnings with others. 

As leadership guru John Maxwell once stated, “Leadership isn’t a solo journey. It is best experienced in community with others.”

We wholeheartedly agree. So as our final request to you, seek out your tribe and take ownership of your own development! Make your life the best it can be.

Learn about Charmm'd Leadership Lessons, which they learned along the way.

It’s Been a Charmm’d Life 
Leadership Lessons
to Pay Forward

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