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Knotted Rope

Structures & Templates

Structures & templates that have helped Charmm'd

through the years.

Team Meeting Agenda

A well-planned team meeting agenda helps keep discussions focused, ensures that important topics are addressed, and maximizes the productivity and effectiveness of the meeting.

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Creative ways to touch base with team members to see how things are going, share any updates or issues we're facing.

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Deadline Timetable

A deadline timetable promotes organization, accountability, and efficiency by clearly outlining tasks and their respective deadlines.

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A project plan provides a roadmap for successfully executing a project by defining its scope, objectives, schedule, resources, risks, and other key elements. It helps keep the project on track.

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Setting norms is essential for creating a positive and functional environment within a group or community. It helps foster cooperation, unity, and mutual respect among members, ultimately contributing to the group's success and well-being.

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Define your organization's objectives and develop strategies to achieve those goals efficiently, effectively, and sustainably. It provides direction, aligns efforts, and helps organizations adapt to changing environments, ultimately driving long-term success and competitiveness.

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Facilitating a 


This template outlines the facilitator's role in guiding the meeting process, ensuring participation, and maintaining focus on achieving desired outcomes. It serves as a roadmap for effective meeting management, promoting collaboration, engagement, and productivity among participants.

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