When we work with teams using TTI assessments, individuals have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their colleagues.

These in-depth assessments reveal a variety of attributes that contribute to one’s performance in the workplace. This process leads to greater self-awareness, and understanding and can build trust and enhance communication and team dynamics when individuals and teams turn their learning into action. Through our facilitation and ongoing support, we ensure the time and resources spent on team engagements produce the outcomes being sought by the leader and team as a whole.

Specific areas covered:

  • Identification of strengths and values

  • communication preferences and dislikes

  • motivators

  • energizers, stressors

  • approaches to decision making and conflict

  • ideal environment

  • areas for growth

  • Values each team member has

  • and more…

We view engagements as a partnership between our organization and the client. To that end, before this work is done, we request a conversation, or series of conversations, to ensure we understand the client’s why behind seeking our support and to gain clarity on the outcomes sought.