More than ever, being fully present to listen to our employees is a cruicial component of being an effective leader.  The Charmm’d Foundation provides services so you can sit back and do just that. Our facilitators strategically plan and facilitate the meetings allowing you to focus on participating and listening so that issues can be heard and understood, and an effective solution can be identified in a shorter amount of time.

We work with leadership teams to identify their goals and set a meeting structure designed to achieve results including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Draw out pain points that may be holding a team or organization back

  • Provide ethical and productive ways to address concerns and challenges in a safe environment

  • Build a foundation where there is trust, transparency, and open communication

  • Help the team realize its full potential

This is not a one-and-done process. As a partner on your journey to success, we provide meeting follow-up and customized action plans based on the discussions and goals of the leadership team.

Are you a new leader to an organization or do you anticipate hiring a new Executive to lead your organization soon?

If so, we offer a specific service to help speed up the onboarding process for the New Leader and the Leadership Team, called New Leader Integration.

What is that?

The leader hires us and we meet with the leadership team, without the new leader present. We ask a series of questions designed to get a group response on the following:

  • What they want to know about the new leader

  • What they are looking for in their new leader

  • What they want to see continue and change

  • Uncover any concerns and fears

  • How the new leader can help them succeed

  • How they can help the new leader succeed

  • What they think is important for the leader to address immediately (within 6 months)

After the discussion, the Charmm’d facilitator meets with the new leader to share the group’s responses. The leader then crafts their response and delivers this message to the team. We facilitate the creation of a team action plan that identifies immediate next steps the leader and team members can take. We will conduct a follow-up session within 3 months to assess progress and coach the new leader for 6 months to provide accountability and support.


If you are interested in learning more about our Customized Facilitation Services, contact us today!