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For close to two decades now, we have built an amazing network of leaders who are members of our Peer Advisory Groups. Recognizing the profound impact of uniting leaders to learn, develop and support one another, has us inspired to expand our Peer Advisory Groups. Our aim is to foster a safe environment where leaders can find their tribe and be empowered.


Our vision is strong leaders, collaborative organizations, healthy communities…TODAY…TOMORROW…AND BEYOND…


Today… We invite you to consider joining one of these groups. If you are already a member in one, who can you refer to us that would benefit from the experience you are having?


Tomorrow… As we get closer to closing our doors, we are more passionate than ever to get you involved and connected! We want you to experience the power of being in a group with like-minded professionals now, so you are comfortable continuing in the Beyond.


Beyond… Once we are gone, a number of our community partners are volunteering their time to keep these groups going. Their mindset is… even though Charmm’d is ending, it doesn’t mean we have to. We love that sentiment and are doing all we can to support it!


We imagine great things for you as you travel your leadership path with other community leaders and keep the network’s legacy alive!

Contact me today to learn more about our Peer Advisory Groups before time runs out!

Ashley - Outside.jpg


Ashley Ward, MSW, CPCC
TTI Certified in DISC, DF & EQ

Director of Community Development

The Charmm'd Foundation

Ashley Ward

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