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Our Vision

Strong Leaders. Collaborative Organizations. Healthy Communities...Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Our Mission

Strengthen leaders of tax-exempt organizations through the practice of emotional intelligence and ethical reflection.

Our Roadmap

Provide leaders with the knowledge, skills, and professional networks needed to build themselves, their teams, and the larger community. We do this through Peer Advisory Groups, Coaching, Behavioral Assessments, The Leadership Academy, Team Workshops, Facilitation Services, and more!

Our Partners

We serve leaders of qualifying tax-exempt organizations throughout the United States.


Along with our core values, vision, and mission, we operate under guiding principles. We share this with you as encouragement to commit to this journey with us. Let’s face it, we aren’t here for a long time so let’s create the best life we can! Search for your ideas in the clouds. Go slow to go fast. Find love in helping others succeed. Challenge yourself. Value those around you…even those you don’t like. Act with intention. Feel free to be you…every time. Be wildly curious. Welcome and honor the diversity of others. Push the boundaries. Show passion in all you do. Be a leader. Focus relentlessly on your vision and make your ideas realities. Laugh, a lot. Know you are not alone. Listen more than your talk. Stay humble. Embrace the unexpected. Be uniquely you! Act ethically. Make your best even better. Dream big. Receive others with a heart of peace. Reflect on how you affect others. Collaborate. Go all-in. Welcome white space and relish in the pause. Be honest from your heart and your gut. Seek to learn from your failures and move on. Grow those around you. Be a role model. Hold safety in the highest regard. Aim to exceed expectations. Be accountable. Welcome feedback. Say what you’re going to do and do what you say. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. Ignore what’s normal and play in the unknown. Act with compassion. Celebrate. Ask the hard questions. Imagine the possible not the impossible.



Together we can make a difference,

Let's make it happen!

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