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Peer Advisory Groups (PAGs), where community leaders come together in a virtual, hybrid or in-person setting to discuss leadership and life.


  • Step back.

  • Celebrate successes.

  • Discuss Challenges.

  • Actively engage in Learning with Others.

  • Expand your Connections with a Group of Diverse Leaders from Diverse Sectors.


Whether you’re seasoned or new to leadership, PAGs provide a place for members to come together in a safe, confidential setting for authentic self-reflection and deep discussions where complex, sensitive issues are met with acceptance and understanding. Subjects explored are what is front and center of the leaders’ minds.


  • Employee engagement.

  • Building trust.

  • Life balance.

  • Finding your leadership voice.

  • Strengthening your emotional intelligence.

  • Communication skills.

  • What’s right and wrong for you!

  • Creating a sense of inclusion and belonging in the workplace.


Your leadership matters. No reason to go through your journey alone.


Joining a group is free of charge. In return, we ask for your commitment to be present and engaged in each meeting.


Leaders Helping Leaders... Grow. Support. Connect.

We facilitate Peer Advisory Groups 3 different ways so you get the experience that is best for you. 



Community GROUPS 

Contact me today and together we will explore your options and determine if there is a group for you!

Ashley Ward, MSW, CPCC, TTI Certified in DISC, DF and EQ

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