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We have three options Interspersed below:

  1. Our Founder and Executive Director shares leadership lesson she has learned throughout the years. Heartwarming and sometimes vulnerable, they are provided to help you with your own leadership journey.

  2. See what’s on the mind of Ashley Ward, our Director of Community Development, as she shares her latest leadership thoughts and see what resonates for you.

  3. Our Pondering Points allow you time to pause, reflect and take note of what’s true for you as self-awareness is the first step to being able to lead others.

FirstSpark blog by Ashley Ward

When was the last time you thought, really thought, about the word teamwork and what it means to you? The first image that comes to my mind is a crew team. I connect to this image in a personal way because rowing largely defined my high school life. I loved the camarade...

Leadership Lessons by Sheri Miller

One of the hardest jobs I have EVER had has been being a parent. I can’t say there aren’t “manuals” on what to do as so many books are available on this subject and each friend, family and foe are happy to share their opinions, even when we don’t ask. Still with all...

FirstSpark blog by Ashley Ward

I recently completed an exercise at the suggestion of an executive coach and it caused me to pause and reflect on the nature of transitions, on change in general and the impact it has, big and small.

I made a BIG life transition this past summer. My family sold our home...

A Charmm’d Pondering Point

It’s really cool AND we all have it. It is called “boundaries.” Yep! Every morning when we wake up we have the ability to put up our walls and create borders which allow us to enter into our area of personal space.

The results that come from us putting up our boundaries is...

FirstSpark blog by Ashley Ward

All we need is love, right? If only life and love were as simple as The Beatles declared... Yet, we know love is beyond complicated.  Personally, I'm called by my faith to "love one another." I admit this is hard, really hard, to do in its purest form. Thanks to an amaz...

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