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We have three options Interspersed below:

  1. Our Founder and Executive Director shares leadership lesson she has learned throughout the years. Heartwarming and sometimes vulnerable, they are provided to help you with your own leadership journey.

  2. See what’s on the mind of Ashley Ward, our Director of Community Development, as she shares her latest leadership thoughts and see what resonates for you.

  3. Our Pondering Points allow you time to pause, reflect and take note of what’s true for you as self-awareness is the first step to being able to lead others.

A Charmm’d Pondering Point

With six billion people in the world, we are bound to run into difficult people. They might be people who are negative, people who oppose our ideas, people who anger us, people who simply do not like us or make it hard to get from point A to point B. What makes them so “dif...

FirstSpark blog by Ashley Ward

What does it mean to really listen? Have you ever contemplated that? What is involved in true active listening? What does it look like, sounds like, feel like? Sure, it depends on the circumstances, the environment, the people (or lack thereof) involved and your frame o...

A Charmm’d Pondering Point

In teamwork situations, we’re expected to pull our own weight. What does that mean? This phrase comes from the team sport of rowing. The idea is to pull the boat along using your own body weight. When every member does their share the boat glides smoothly. When one person f...

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