• sherim54

What's My Purpose?

Leadership Lessons by Sheri Miller

In my 40’s I thoroughly enjoyed life. I lived in a great neighborhood, had wonderful relationships with family and friends and took on many challenging adventures.

I also continued to ponder two things:

1. What could I do that would make me feel my life had meaning?

2. How could I do a better job raising my kids to be the best they could be?

The answers to both of these questions lay in where I was weak. I never learned how to disagree. Instead, I’d mask my feelings, become passive-aggressive and let problems turn into frustrations that grew until they burst out of me in a fit of anger. This took away from me enjoying my life and certainly was not great role modeling!

From that ah-ha moment on, I made it my work to have my kids grow up with a community of positive role models for which I wanted to be a part of. Not only did that help me be a happier person, I now knew my passion and had a purpose.

In 2005, Charmm’d was born. Focusing on the people side of leadership, we support leaders’ of tax-exempt organizations to help strengthen themselves and their teams. We offer opportunities for leaders to learn more about themselves, role-model, mentor and collaborate with others. In the end, our goal is for leaders to be the best they can be so they can do the great work they have been called to do. Anything we can do to make this happen fills me with joy and gives my life purpose.

I’d love to know what your purpose is; what gives your life meaning. Will you share?