• sherim54

He Made A Difference.

Leadership Lessons by Sheri Miller

In my late teens, I got lucky enough to get an office job for the summer. I had a very kind boss, who was in the advertising department. As always, I worked hard. I wanted to prove to my boss and the company that they had hired the right person. I knew if they were happy, I would be too.

One day I found myself so frustrated as the work kept piling up and I couldn’t seem to get a handle on it. My boss called me in to ask what seemed to him to be a very simple question and I was mortified as right there in his cubicle, I broke down in tears. As luck would have it, at that exact moment all of his pals walked by to scoop him up for their lunch break.

What amazed me was that without a second thought, he waved them on without once taking his concerned eyes off of me. He treated me with care, respect and dignity. He let me know that what I was going through was important to him. That meant the world to me.

I have a handwritten sign that for over 10 years hangs in my office, directly across from my desk. I wonder if this experience so many years ago compelled me to write it. Below is the message I read to myself daily. What do you think?

“If we can look in the mirror every morning – know that we have done the right thing, treated others well, taken care of ourselves and made a difference in the world… there’s nothing better.”