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Can You Eat An Elephant One Bite At A Time?

Can you eat an elephant one bite at a time?

In reality, would there be any other way to do this??? Elephants are ginormous! Even thinking about devouring the whole thing at once brings thoughts of anxiety and indigestion! Quite frankly, for many of us, the same feelings show up when we think about our heavy workload.

How do we mentally wrap our head around the tasks at hand? How do we prioritize and then bite off only what we can chew? Can we identify which part of the project will bring about the most satisfaction for a full, satiated feeling? And how can we identify what is not required and, therefore, left off the plate?

Give yourself permission to take a breath and see what is on the buffet. Fill a small plate knowing you will come back for more when you are ready. By not grabbing everything at once, you can enjoy the opportunity, share the delicacies with others and ultimately reach success. Bon Appetit !

Imagine…approaching your workload without stress because you know it can be accomplished in bite size pieces.

Quote: Little by little, a little becomes a lot. Tanzanian Proverb

Team Building Activity

If only our to-do lists could read like a menu....why not?

Have team members bring their daily to-do list to your next meeting. Ask them to divide the tasks into three categories:

· Appetizers: Easy tasks that can be accomplished quickly.

· Main Course: The "meat" of the list that will take up the majority of the day.

· Dessert: Those end-of-day wrap ups that may be easier to complete after reflecting on the day's activities.

Once the list is divided, does it seem less daunting and more doable?

Was the same task on more than one team member's list? Divvying up those tasks will prevent duplicate work; collaborating may be quicker and even draw on each member's strengths.

Can today's dessert items that remain undone be moved to tomorrow's appetizer list and become a priority?

Give it a shot. Go eat that elephant one bite at a time!