• sherim54

I Bullied Somebody Once...

Leadership Lessons by Sheri Miller

I bullied somebody once and still today, it haunts me. In 3rd grade, there were two of us who had the same name. When we handed in our papers we were told to add the initial of our last name to our signature. I signed my papers Sharon M. The other Sharon added a “P” to hers.

One afternoon after tests were handed in, our teacher, Miss Lefler, called both Sharon’s up to her desk. Only one paper had been handed in. It said Sharon P and had my handwriting. We both said it was ours. Miss Lefler asked us both to stay in during recess and take the test over. When we did, it became obvious the paper turned in earlier had been mine.

With the entire class knowing this was happening, when we came out to join recess everyone turned to hear the results. As soon as I was discovered to have been the “winner” all gathered around to tell me of the injustice that had been done.

Thinking that everyone expected me to retaliate, I did. I came up with a doozy. “Hey guys, let’s tell Sharon she has a hole in her dress!” That afternoon and every day afterward that Sharon wore that dress, our group would point and jeer and laugh that the hole was there. Sharon didn’t have any friends before that day and what I did cemented that she wouldn’t have any after. I can’t recall her even being at our school the following year. Uhhh! That thought makes me sick thinking that I possibly hurt her so bad that her whole family up and left.

Today, I am still hoping to one day run into Sharon P. and apologize. I haven’t yet been able to find her. Despite my bullying, I hope she is very happy. For me, the fact that I did this still haunts me. I knew I was hurting her and somehow her feelings didn’t matter to me as it was more important for me to be liked by others.