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Do you Know What Your Superpower is?

A Charmm’d Pondering Point

It’s really cool AND we all have it. It is called “boundaries.” Yep! Every morning when we wake up we have the ability to put up our walls and create borders which allow us to enter into our area of personal space.

The results that come from us putting up our boundaries is magical, and powerful! They allow us to stand in our own truth, protect us from interference, help to balance our lives and stay focused on what we want to be paying attention to. We even role model to others that having clear boundaries is acceptable for us and for them.

With that being the case, what would stop us from doing this? Would it be that, for various reasons, we are afraid of how the other person feels because we have this “road block” in place? Could it be that, while we know the boundary is good for us, we still have a bit of curiosity or desire for whatever lies on the other side? Or, is it possible that we may not be there for our team when they want us, and is that ok?

Understanding how boundaries can support us and affect those around us is important. Communicating clearly about this is the next step and following through with peace of mind – the ultimate goal. So go at it! Think “Super Power” and see how this can multiply the success for all.

Team Exercise:

Communication is key to setting boundaries in the workplace. As a group, discuss your personal and teams boundaries.

  • What are they?

  • When do you find it easy to maintain them?

  • What makes it more difficult?

  • What responsibility do you have to yourself, your team and your organization in sticking to your boundaries?

  • Are a multitude of boundaries helpful or hurtful? How?

  • What policies (or norms) do you, as a team, want to put in place around boundaries so you are all protected and safe?