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20 years ago, we set out to create an organization that would support leaders on their journey so they wouldn’t have to travel the path alone. We are known for the powerful and caring community we have built where learning occurs, and leaders support one another. 20 years ago, we also said we would close our doors at the end of 2024. While this is our last year, we are still working hard to bring more people into our community as many of the current Peer Advisory Groups will continue once we are gone. 


For you, this means NOW is the time to join us. Build your network. Learn from others. Be in a caring community that can support you on your leadership journey. Interested? If so, schedule a call with me. There is no reason for you to have FOMO.


P.S. TIME-SENSITIVE ALERT: Our 2024 Leadership Academy kicks off on February 13. Feel the FOMO? Schedule a call with Susan Gibson today to explore the program and secure your spot.​



Sheri Miller, CPCC, CPQC 
TTI Certified in DISC, DF & EQ

Founder and Executive Director

The Charmm'd Foundation

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