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We are so excited you are interested in being part of our Database where our organization can network with each other and find resources within The Charmm’d Community. Our goal is to create valuable connections for you and others. Connections you wouldn’t have made anyplace else.


The survey link is below. Include any and all information that you would like to share. This information will be shared only with others who also provided information. It will be on google sheets and password protected – allowing privacy and for you to update your information as needed.


As time goes on, and other community partners express an interest, they will be included. You then will have their names as they will have yours. NOTE: ONLY those who are or have been active in the Charmm’d Community will be included.


Please complete this form. We then will pull your information together with that provided by others and share the Database with you. 


Now that Charmm’d will be sunsetting in less than 2 years, it is more important than ever for you to build your network and stay connected with others as

your leadership journey does not have to be done alone.  These contacts can help.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Wiley at



Sheri Miller, CPCC, TTI Certified in DISC, DF & EQ

Founder and Executive Director

The Charmm'd Foundation

Sheri A. Miller, Founder and Executive Director
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