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Developing the people side of leadership

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 97% of Participants shared the curriculum met/exceeded their expectations.

“The Charmm'd Leadership Academy gave me the peer environment to discover leadership principles and practice proven leadership concepts. I've built trusting relationships that will further enhance my professional network moving forward into the future of public service.”


The 2022 Leadership Academy class is now closed. If you are interested in learning more about the 2023 program, please contact Susan Gibson at or 847-883-9932.

One of the most important aspects of leadership is bringing out the best in others and using strategies such as understanding yourself and your team, ethical reflection, developing trust, effectively communicating, and then empowering others to help accomplish this. While tactical skills can be learned in the moment, it is the people side that is often missed when moving into a leadership role. This can make the journey of becoming an effective leader harder than it has to be. The Charmm'd Foundation's Leadership Academy is a multi-year program for those who are new to leadership, are being considered for a leadership role within the next couple of years, and/or are looking for fundamental training on the people side of leadership.

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The Leadership Academy offers multiple opportunities for Participants to build strong networks for continued growth, support and friendships.


Throughout the first year, Participants will enjoy learning from Keynote Speakers, Panel Experts, Mentors and fellow Participants. In addition, Participants will work together in Peer Advisory Groups (PAGs) with their Mentors to get support and advice on self-identified goals, discuss key learnings from the workshops, problem-solve and ponder questions that promote strategic thinking.


The first year of The Leadership Academy concludes in December 2022. Year 2 of Leadership Academy continues with Peer Advisory Groups meeting bi-monthly. Participants will continue to build and strengthen their leadership network for continued support, discuss a broad range of leadership topics, be introduced to a variety of resources, process what they are learning and how this fits into real-life situations. At the end of each meeting, all will reflect on what they learned and commit to action items to move forward. They will also help to hold one another accountable.

To ensure a high-quality learning experience, a select number of Participants will be chosen who have a strong desire to lead and better their organization. A pre-requisite for participation in the Leadership Academy will include approval from the Participant’s leader for the multi-year commitment and an exploratory interview with the candidate. Acceptance into the program will be communicated on an ongoing basis.

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