Framed in my office is the quote, “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.” This positive saying depicts the attitude all of us at Charmm’d stand by in making our lives better and helping our community partners achieve this as well.


Our foundation began in 2005 when I realized I was standing in my own way of living the best life possible. Knowing I wanted to change, I embarked on a quest to strengthen my own emotional intelligence and invited other community leaders to join me on this adventure.     


Currently, thousands of thriving community partners, hundreds of tax-exempt organizations and over 200 communities have been a part of this journey.


The image of a rope found throughout our website is a metaphor for what we want to achieve. Each strand alone has strength. Weave these strands together and form something more powerful. It symbolizes each one of us building our own strengths AND it illustrates the community as a whole weaving together the talent and resources of its many leaders.


Now, no matter where our community partners are on their journey, Charmm’d is available to assist in developing strong leaders, collaborative organizations and healthy communities.  This is our vision. We believe in the strength of the community for the answers are in the room.

Our agenda is to help our partners succeed. That’s it. That is why all of our services are either free or offered at a very low cost. We are prepared to be team members for our partners because when our partners succeed, we succeed.

We KNOW something wonderful is about to happen. When leaders are there to help other leaders, how could something wonderful not occur?



Sheri Miller, CPCC, TTI Certified in DISC, DF & EQ

Founder and Executive Director

The Charmm'd Foundation

Sheri A. Miller, Founder and Executive Director