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Please be aware of the following:

  • As a thank you for presenting for no charge, each speaker in this series will get contact information of all who are present for their talk so they may stay in touch.

  • The recording of each speaker will only be shared with that speaker for their own use.

  • A “key takeaway” from each recording will be captured and put in the Charmm’d Directory for your future reference so mark your calendar and plan to attend live.

  • If you are a current community partner involved in our services and are not yet part of our directory, join today! If you are not currently involved in our services, contact us to get involved and be a part of the directory!

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Jen is a Master Certified Life and Leadership Coach with over 2500 hours of coaching experience. Before launching her coaching business, Jen spent over 10 years in healthcare, working most recently as the director of a hospital-owned wellness center. She is the host of the Think on Purpose podcast and is a passionate advocate for the well-being of healthcare leaders. Jen lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and 3 kids. In her free time, she loves paddleboarding and spending time outside.

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The Secret to
Greater Impact

Jen Frey
February 14, 2024

  • Define what real self-care is and is not.

  • Learn why saying no and establishing boundaries is an important aspect of self-care.

  • Understand the business impact when the leader does not have self-care tools in place.

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