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Feel to Lead:
The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
Jessica Kazaniwskyj
October 29, 2024

  • The four pillars of emotional intelligence.

  • Respond, don't react.

  • How to read the room: practicing empathy.

Please be aware of the following:

  • As a thank you for presenting for no charge, each speaker in this series will get contact information of all who are present for their talk so they may stay in touch.

  • The recording of each speaker will only be shared with that speaker for their own use.

  • A “key takeaway” from each recording will be captured and put in the Charmm’d Directory for your future reference so mark your calendar and plan to attend live.

  • If you are a current community partner involved in our services and are not yet part of our directory, join today! If you are not currently involved in our services, contact us to get involved and be a part of the directory!

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Jessica Kazaniwskyj is a trauma-informed emotional intelligence expert and visionary coach. With a rich foundation in psychology, Jessica brings nearly three years of dedicated coaching experience to the realm of emotional intelligence and trauma-informed leadership. Certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnotherapy, and trauma-informed, Jessica specializes in guiding entrepreneurs who are grappling with the shadows of childhood trauma, and corporate leaders seeking to foster a more emotionally intelligent workplace.


Driven by the growing recognition of emotional intelligence as a pivotal leadership quality, Jessica is committed to transforming workplace dynamics. Understanding that increasing awareness of childhood trauma and its impacts leads to healthier, more respectful professional environments, Jessica employs a no-nonsense yet compassionate approach to coaching. This unique style uncovers the hidden superpowers in each individual and relentlessly pushes them toward personal and professional greatness.

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