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Unlocking Leadership Potential:
Navigating Positive Intelligence for Personal and Professional Growth
Sheri Miller
July 16, 2024

  • Identify Personal Barriers: Learn what stands in your way of being your best self.

  • Decode Brain Dynamics: Gain insights into the left and right brain hemispheres and how they impact your leadership.

  • Cultivate a Creative Mindset: Minimize judgment and create a flourishing environment.


PREP WORK REQUIRED: Come to the session with a situation where you are unhappy, stressed, disappointed, angry etc. Sheri will walk you through a self-reflective exercise to help you privately work on this. You will walk away with a tool so you can self-coach yourself in the future.

Please be aware of the following:

  • As a thank you for presenting for no charge, each speaker in this series will get contact information of all who are present for their talk so they may stay in touch.

  • The recording of each speaker will only be shared with that speaker for their own use.

  • A “key takeaway” from each recording will be captured and put in the Charmm’d Directory for your future reference so mark your calendar and plan to attend live.

  • If you are a current community partner involved in our services and are not yet part of our directory, join today! If you are not currently involved in our services, contact us to get involved and be a part of the directory!

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Sheri Miller is the Founder, Executive Director, and Executive Coach with The Charmm'd Foundation. This private non-profit organization provides opportunities for tax-exempt community leaders to build their leadership through Emotional Intelligence and Ethical Reflection.

Described as a lover of people, curious, inventive, and a lifelong learner, Sheri engages community leaders, her team, and outside experts to work together, creating a space for leaders to support one another on their personal journey as they build themselves, their teams, and their organization's success. This all happens through Peer Advisory Groups, The Leadership Academy, Executive Coaching, and Behavioral Assessments.


With a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behaviors from Northwestern University and as a certified Positive Intelligence and CTI coach, TTI Success Insights DISC Certified behavioral analyst, TTI Success Insights 12 Driving Forces® Certified behavioral analyst, and a TTI Emotional Intelligence Certified behavioral analyst, Sheri shines a spotlight on each client’s multiple gifts, having them stand in who they are as they define what they want, what could be getting in their way and where they want to go. She believes all leaders have the power to make their own path, not just follow it.

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