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The Top 5 Reasons Your Board’s Give/Get
Is Leaving Thousands

(Sometimes Millions) on the Table
Sherry Quam Taylor
January 17, 2024

  • See why it’s an in-the-box strategy that no longer serves your organization’s greatest good.

  • Know why it prevents board members from soliciting for and giving bigger donations.

  • Understand how it keeps your staff from reaching their fundraising goal every year.

Please be aware of the following:

  • As a thank you for presenting for no charge, each speaker in this series will get contact information of all who are present for their talk so they may stay in touch.

  • The recording of each speaker will only be shared with that speaker for their own use.

  • A “key takeaway” from each recording will be captured and put in the Charmm’d Directory for your future reference so mark your calendar and plan to attend live.

  • If you are a current community partner involved in our services and are not yet part of our directory, join today! If you are not currently involved in our services, contact us to get involved and be a part of the directory!

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Sherry Quam Taylor works with business-minded Nonprofit CEOs who have plans to scale their budgets but need larger amounts of charitable or general-operating revenue to do so.

To achieve this, Sherry helps leaders see their revenue potential and reimagine their entire approach to fundraising. She aligns their charitable revenue initiatives with their business, programmatic, and strategic growth opportunities. This is the step 99% of fundraisers skip! It ensures the funding challenges are solved at the root of the issue and attracts investment-level donors that get this!

As a result of learning her methodology, Sherry’s clients create a sustainable funding model, diversify revenue that funds their Strategic Plans, and know how to add 7-figures of gen-ops revenue to their bottom line. But mostly, their development departments and board have transformed into high-ROI revenue generators – aligning their hours with relational dollars and set free from the limitations of transactional fundraising.

Sherry attributes the success of her business to her passion for modeling radical confidence to the future CEOs in her house - her two teenage daughters.

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