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Strategic Influence:
Harnessing Influence to Overcome Obstacles

Victoria Akinde
December 4, 2024

  • Identify obstacles you observed in your work/life.

  • Recognize your capacity and understand your level of influence.

  • Develop a strategy for questioning, addressing, and removing your obstacles.

Please be aware of the following:

  • As a thank you for presenting for no charge, each speaker in this series will get contact information of all who are present for their talk so they may stay in touch.

  • The recording of each speaker will only be shared with that speaker for their own use.

  • A “key takeaway” from each recording will be captured and put in the Charmm’d Directory for your future reference so mark your calendar and plan to attend live.

  • If you are a current community partner involved in our services and are not yet part of our directory, join today! If you are not currently involved in our services, contact us to get involved and be a part of the directory!

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Victoria Akinde has spent over 16 years as a librarian and instructor in higher education and the public sector. Her journey is marked by her commitment to lifelong learning and her innate curiosity about the world and its people. She approaches each encounter as an opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate on innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Victoria's professional journey is diverse, having held positions in Human Resources at organizations such as Chase, 3Com, and MSL before transitioning to the world of libraries both in the public and higher education sectors. Victoria’s love for libraries was the catalyst for her second career in librarianship. Her multi-layered background in sales and financial services enriched her ability to build bridges between individuals and ideas, making her a natural connector and arranger.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Victoria enjoys presenting on intriguing topics, enjoying music, exploring various cultural cuisines, and engaging in curious conversations. Her greatest joy is uncovering ways to surmount obstacles that often hinder progress, embody resilience, and promote a relentless spirit of problem-solving.

Victoria serves as the Director of Organizational Development and Diversity at the Northwestern University Libraries, a role she has held for over 2 and a half years.

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